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Miss DYNAMITE webcomic

2012-10-05 20:02:41 by Sirkowski

Did you know there's a Miss Dynamite webcomic updated every Friday?

Well now you know! The Miss AMERICA webcomic is here.

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Miss DYNAMITE webcomic

Miss AMERICA page 7 webcomic

2011-07-30 13:31:24 by Sirkowski

The new Miss Dynamite webcomic is updated every Friday here.

Miss AMERICA page 7 webcomic

Miss AMERICA *new webcomic*

2011-07-08 20:50:14 by Sirkowski

I've been meaning to start this project for a long time now, but here it is. Miss America is my new Miss Dynamite webcomic, updated every Friday. It is a continuation of my last Flash animations with Twiggy and the Pu Sisters.

You can keep tracks of the updates on RSS: te
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Miss AMERICA *new webcomic*

Web Comic work in progress

2011-03-30 20:02:49 by Sirkowski

Pages for a new web comic I'm working on.

Miss Dynamite 24 Monday Sept. 6 @ noon
Be there; be square!

Miss Dynamite 24 Monday Sept. 6 @ noon

The next animated episode of Miss Dynamite will be a sequel of the Faster, Dynamite! Kill! Kill! manga. Since only those who bought the print edition have read it, I decided to start putting online on my website, with daily updates. I've also started to put pages on the Art Portal, so you can check them there too.

Scout needed

2009-11-27 21:38:46 by Sirkowski

Nevermind, it's against the rules.

Straight Outta Langley

2009-01-19 17:18:42 by Sirkowski

Happy MLK day? XD

Straight Outta Langley

When's the next episode?

2008-12-23 02:37:04 by Sirkowski

When will Episode 24 be released?

I've been busy with my Sister Wulfia Focka series on, commissions, etc. It really sucks that I'm stucked producing 5 minutes of animation a year for Miss Dynamite. I imagine it's ridiculous to follow a series where episodes only come once a year, with so little material.

But there's not much I can do to change that. Sponsors are more interested in games than movies. Also, as my movies became more complex and of better quality with time (QUALITY lulz ya i heard...), it now takes a lot more hours to work on them. Sometimes Flash can barely handle to job properly. And that's starting to make me a little sick of Flash. I don't think working in another program would help. It's just the complexity of the job that weights on me. Writting, storyboarding, drawing, coloring, animating, sound editing. It's all very technical and not always fun (sound editing is especialy boring). And then there are all the computer bugs that can doom a project like that. I get cold sweats when I'm close to finishing a project. So close to the end, yet so much can go wrong, particularly when you add the audio. It was a lot easier when my animations were about bouncing pogo sticks, with only dialogues and one music loop for audio. I can't regress to that for obvious reasons.

But don't call the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHmbulance just yet. I'm not just bitching; I'm gonna do something about it. I can't regress to making shitty animations, but I can return to comics, which is a lot more fun and simpler for me. And judging by the reactions so far, I'm not alone to appreciate this. (though the reaction might be different on Newgrounds since it's a animation website) When it's done, episode 24 will be my last Miss Dynamite Flash episode for a while. Instead, I'll be starting a new web comic, about Miss Dynamite, obviously. A good web comic this time, real comic pages, not strips, with a story. I've aquired more experience over the years and I think I can pull it off. I don't care about computer bugs; with comics, all I need is paper and a pencil. I want to see if I can make some web ad money with regular updates. And I'll be able to produce a lot more stories in comics. I'll probably still do little bits in Flash and Newgrounds will be the place to show it. I hope many of you will follow this new comic.

For the moment, all I can say is Episode 24 will be released before Spring.

When's the next episode?

Miss Dynamite porn

2008-11-07 14:32:30 by Sirkowski

So it's a day late, but it's a lot more than I promised. So Obama wins, you win, Blackie wins!
The 3 page Miss Dynamite hentai comic is here.