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Yes, yes I did know :3 You helped make NG what it is today and I never forgotcha!
Vive la revolution, even if it's thanks to Wal-Mart surplus... I mean Chinese military surplus!
I make it a point to visit your site at least once a week or more.

yay! Thank you!

well shit sir, good to see you again.
definitely one of the most well known contributors of newgrounds in it's earlier years.

I'm old! lol

That's the stuff :P

Oh my god, you're alive?


Great to see that Miss Dynamite still is alive and kicking!
I loved watching the cartoons back in the days.

woha i tought you stopped doing miss Dynamite stuff.

Only animation, because it's so damn time intensive.

Man oh man, I still remember your dynamite series years ago back when I was a kid, lol...

You're alive!<3


I love your shiz!

DAT AK-47!!!.......hahaha! Nice comic, love it! :D

Awesome, This I did not know. I will be adding this to my list of weekly comics to check.

looks like she's gonna get some lesbian action after this

how bout animation episodes for M.Dynamite , are you still working on those ?

Wow it's been a while since you posted here, and over a month on Miss Dynamite.
Eh, we're getting old, could use a gap-month/year every so often.

I will say you've been missing out on some great contests here! Also glad to see some fellow NGers following and tweeting you and such :)

wow, just got here, while i was on my ''NG tour of nostalgia movies'', AKA ''im watching old movies that i saw on my youth, and now i feel very old''.

but it feels good, i guess!
i saw many godo things in here, and my latest stop is here: miss dynamite!
you do a pretty cool series, and now its a cult classic of NG, you truly rock man, thanks for giving us so much enjoyable+cool content on NG for all those years!

i just wanted to say that, you know?
thanks for your great stuff man.

you rock, do more, keep up the good work, and dont stay a stranger!

OMG you actually logged in on the 4th of July to write a review! I'd really like it if you came back, if only to post blogs about your life/work/site... twice a month? Twice a month isn't too pushy, and you'll get more traffic on your site :3 You've got ad-rev enabled here I trust, how are you?!

Hey, just ran a short few-day marathon through all the old Miss Dynamite episodes, reviewing those I'd missed earlier. Lots of good memories there! And the comic seems to have been going all this time too, until... July? Is it still alive? New plans? A new comic? Hope you'll still be sticking around NG a bit. Could post all of those old strips to the art portal, for starters. Extra ad-rev and exposure potential? The art portal's pretty big now.

But anyway, just stopping by to say: Hello! And thanks for all that good ol' entertainment. Wish it never had to end.

is there an episode 25 in the works

This account is pretty much dead and inactive as well as the webcomic. Welp, it was fun while it lasted. While active on Twitter, yet zero to do with art.

I'm guessing the Flash Series is over on NG

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